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Family Featured Parenting

The Diaper Problem We Should Be Talking About

Potty training was a wild roller coaster for our family.  At 18 months, Fox demanded to use the toilet as I squealed thinking, “Well what’s all the fuss about?” after hearing parents all over the world talk about the perils of the potty. That…

April 5, 2018
Featured Home

Spring Cleaning + New Living Room Chairs

Our living room is finally starting to piece together. I did things a bit different this time, buying a piece of furniture and then waiting to see it in person to decide on my next move. One of my biggest purchases for this room…

April 4, 2018
Featured Home

Simple Refurbished Spring Table

Today’s an exciting day because I’m finally dipping my toe in the home decor pool! Homes in Buffalo all seem to have fabulous bones — the character and charm found inside their walls make decorating a breeze. Before we moved in my grandma offered…

April 3, 2018
Beauty Featured

My Favorite Way to Freshen Up My Hair

I’m pretty sure I met my mom soulmate last week. The cutest little lady walked into a room full of women dressed to the nines — hair done, makeup done, heels sky high. Another person in the room gave her a wide-eyed “well aren’t…

February 19, 2018
Family Featured

Adopting from an Animal Shelter + How to Help

Eleven years ago, I was quickly moving boxes out of my college dorm room and into my new apartment on a street called Hertel. It was the first time I’d be living off campus and I had no idea what to expect.  My roommate…

February 14, 2018
Featured Food

Chinese New Year Traditions + Yummy Cooking Class

Last week I headed to West Los Angeles to meet up with Ling Ling for a second cooking class, this time in celebration of Chinese New Year coming up on February 16th. Fun fact: It’s the Year of the Dog, meaning that people born…

February 1, 2018
Featured Food Parenting

New Year, New Me: My Moment of Yes

Some time ago I saw an article about a woman who counted the amount of time her son looked at her over a period of time — times that she usually would be scrolling through her phone aimlessly. This was a rude awakening for…

January 29, 2018
Featured Home

Spoiling the Kitties!

Ever since my husband and I put Fox in school, we’ve found ourselves with a bit more time on our hands to go on dates. Last month we went ice skating, explored a really neat book store, took in some incredible Los Angeles architecture,…

January 23, 2018

Reeling from A Great Loss

It took a bit of courage to press publish on this one. You may have noticed I’ve been absent on Instagram recently which is actually very bizarre for my normal routine. I’m slowly creeping back into it and I wanted to give you some…

January 19, 2018
Beauty Featured

Winter Skin Care Routine

Today I’m going to dig in a little bit deeper to talk about something that has made a direct impact on my everyday life: skin care. Most people suffer from bouts of bad skin starting in middle or high school (when my acne first…

January 16, 2018
Entertaining Featured Food Parties

MVP-Status Football Party Menu

Almost three years ago, I was planning Fox’s 1st birthday party. I chose camping as the theme and promptly purchased all the party supplies and a woodland-themed high chair banner emblazoned with “1” on the middle flag — the excitement was mounting! A few…

January 8, 2018
Featured Style

Recharging My Batteries Over Break

It took awhile for my husband to figure me out when we first came to be. He loves be around people and going out and about in crowds of people — always in the thick of things. Me? Not so much. Don’t get me…

December 29, 2017