My Story

Hello there! I’m Sarabeth. Welcome to my own little corner of the Internet where I muse on about parenthood, design, travel, style, recipes, beauty, and anything else I dream up.

Growing up in Buffalo, NY gave me a strong sense of family and friendship early on. I was constantly writing – whether making fake magazines in my grandparents’ living room or spiral-bound Goosebumps-esque books (super cringeworthy, let me tell you!) – and although my momma told me I was born to be an English major, I took up history at Buffalo State College instead.

I met my husband, Tyler, shortly thereafter while he was touring the world in the rock ‘n’ roll band In Fear and Faith. We traveled all over in our course of dating (usually in a smelly van or tour bus) until he convinced me to move to San Diego.


We married a few years later on a mountaintop, took our travels overseas, and settled down to have a family shortly after.

Our first little one arrived in February 2015 and we named him Fox Henry, hence the name of the blog.

I created The February Fox as a way to keep in touch with myself through life changing event of motherhood while working from home full time as a magazine editor. It was nice to have a spot to knock off the baby talk, roll up my sleeves and get dirty!

After a brief 2-year stint in Los Angeles, our family moved back to Buffalo to be closer to family and plant our roots.

We welcomed our sweet second son Charles “Charlie” Thorne in March 2019.

A few of my favorite things:
  • Finding the perfect gift and the gift wrapping that comes in sequence
  • Disneyland
  • Buffalo sports teams, no matter how painful; please watch 30 for 30: Four Falls of Buffalo for insight!
  • Paranormal horror flicks, Lifetime, Investigation Discovery, Christmas movies year-round, HGTV, and Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movies (F-O-X)
  • Thrifting and treasure hunting through home goods stores (and the Dollar Spot at Target)
  • Building blanket and pillow “nests” around me, as Tyler likes to call them
  • Overplanning
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Folding laundry when it’s still hot from the dryer

I’d love to hear from you! All questions and comments are welcome at

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