Family Day at the Padres Game

August 10, 2015

My little baby boy turned six months old this past Friday. He has such a sweet demeanor and the more places that we take him, the more my confidence grows in bringing him to new places.

Tyler has been begging me to bring the baby to a ballgame since long before Fox was born. I pulled the fun out of everything and put my foot down since sitting for hours on end in a cramped space with a baby who won’t fall asleep in my arms sounded like sheer hell – haha. But, I wanted to do something nice for Tyler this past weekend and so I bit the bullet and planned a day at the Padres game!

We wound up with an awesome parking spot that dumped us straight out at the front gate. We had big plans for what we wanted to eat and succumbed to eating hot dogs and nachos. It’s really hard not to go straight for the generic ballpark food. When in Rome, right?



We wound up losing against the Phillies pretty badly but the game was still really fun. The people at Petco Park had a thing where you could tweet a picture at them and they’d put it on the jumbotron, so Tyler did. Not only did it hit the jumbotron several times, but it wound up being plastered on the screen during a pretty large play that made national TV on ESPN. I’ve seen Tyler that excited one other time – the day Fox was born. He was more giddy than on our wedding day!

Goo fell asleep about 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave. He was such a trooper.

I’m so grateful to be able to document these memories to show him when he’s older.

XO, Sarabeth

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