Fox Henry: 8 Month Update

October 7, 2015

My little boy is 8 months today and, although it isn’t a major milestone, I still found myself feeling a little weepy today. I thought about writing him a little note to put in his memory box, but every time I tried I felt my tear ducts swelling. Is that a thing?

Anyway… the shift from 7 to 8 months has BY FAR been filled with the biggest changes yet. Some days I feel like I have a 5-year-old.

Up until now I haven’t tracked all of his little details because everything was relatively stagnant, but from now on I’m going to do my best to log his little baby changes.

Age: 8 months

Clothing size: Anywhere between 6-9 month, although there are a smattering of 18 month jammies that he’s been living in #dontaskdontknow

Nicknames: Goo, Goo Kid, Baby Boy, Kid

Health: Perfect health! He has been teething (and cut two teeth over the past month) which has not given him a fever or rash, just a lot of discomfort. His hair is growing rapidly, especially on the sides.

Sleep: This is one of those areas where I know I am really lucky. Fox rubs his eyes when he’s tired and when we sit him in his crib he generally goes right to sleep without any rocking or going back in. Lately he’s been skipping an afternoon nap though and has always refused to nap when outside the house.

Diet: Tons of solids! He will literally eat anything we give him. This kiddo is into fruits especially. Doesn’t love peas and isn’t thrilled with carrots. He also eats puffs, mums, and crunchies. His Papa says he has my palette. He also says “Mmmmmm” when he really likes his food selection.

Loves: His crib, Peter (our cat), Top 40 (not thrilled about this haha), being startled and tickled, wearing accessories, when we eat food with him, splashing in the bathtub, busy days, Monsters Inc.

Dislikes: Getting dressed, getting help (he wants to do everything himself), being in the car

Milestones: A bit of crawling, going from stomach to sitting unassisted, two teeth (as mentioned before)

Speech: “Mmmmm” and “Babababa”

Every day I am thankful for his crinkly-nosed smiles, piggie snorts when he’s excited, and unbelievably aware heart. I couldn’t love him more if I tried.


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