Gifts for the Green Thumb

July 13, 2015

From greenhouses to gardens, we all know someone who has that special touch when it comes to turning seeds into sprouts.

These outside-the-box gifts will help to inspire your favorite green thumb.



Forest Critter Garden Pot

$18/each | Sarah Burwash | Purchase at Anthropologie

Sarah Burwash’s handmade ceramic woodland garden pots come straight from Nova Scotia in fox, bear, and bunny designs. Give one or three, empty or filled.









$9.95 | Crate and Barrel | Purchase at Crate and Barrel

Fill this storage box with a few seed packets for an inexpensive gift with a personal touch.





Demeter Tomato FragrancePerfume

$2.50-39.50 | Demeter Fragrance | Purchase at Demeter Fragrance

When I was younger my grandfather kept a garden where we would grow all sorts of vegetables. My absolute favorite was the tomato plants because of the way the smell of the vines stuck on my hands for hours after picking. Demeter Fragrance found a way to bottle this smell (!!!) and sell in a variety of forms like massage oil, perfume, diffusers, and more.





Wood Plant Markers

$5.97 | Crate and Barrel | Purchase at Crate and Barrel

These wood plant markers come in a set of 25 for just under $6! I love that they won’t compromise the natural feel of any flower or veggie garden.





Homegrown Garden Card Set

$16 | Rifle Paper Co. | Purchase at Amazon

Rifle Paper Co. carries a variety of my favorite gift options, not to mention that you can find their items on Amazon – my absolute favorite – for a quick turnaround! (As a new mom, I don’t think I could live without Amazon Prime.) This stationary screams perfect for the gardener in your life.






Grow Cook Eat: A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening

$19.03 | Willi Galloway | Purchase at Amazon

Willi Galloway’s Grow Cook Eat: A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening is a fabulous way for the grower to reap the rewards of their hard work in the dirt and sun. They will be sure to think of you each time they prepare a meal from this colorful cookbook.




*Please note: Prices are accurate at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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