Perfect Dorm Room Decor

July 27, 2015

A couple weeks back I got a Facebook invite for my 10 year high school reunion coming up this October. Huge reality check! I could not even believe it had already been 10 years since I graduated and headed off to college.

This is me in my college days:

College SB

So blonde. So skinny. So tan.

I still remember the moment that I decided to move on campus in college. My first semester was spent commuting and it wasn’t until the second that I opted to live at school. The girl that I was supposed to be paired with talked me into an all Hello Kitty, pink faux fur, glitter room to my dismay (I was so obsessed with having a room that looked cohesive and not split down the middle that I actually agreed to this!) and a couple weeks before – after I bought all the room items – I found out we were both being placed with different roommates.

My first day I walked into the room to move in and saw my roommate’s very plain decor and wanted to crawl under my made-for-a-4-year-old bed linens and never come out.

With all the back to school stuff floating around online right now, I decided to create my perfect dorm room to redeem myself of those college days.

Okay, after putting that together I officially want to redo my bedroom! I didn’t start out with a color scheme but the first six or so things that I picked wound up matching.

I have to admit that I picked children’s bedding from Land of Nod. Their stuff is so adorable and classic – just enough playful to not be over-the-top. I’ve never been into pink but lately I can’t steer away from it, especially since this pink with an orange tint is so very perfect!

What did your college dorm look like?

XO, Sarabeth

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