Splurgeworthy: Mid-century Modern

July 21, 2015

You know how when you go on Pinterest you usually wind up repinning the same theme over and over? Fitness, food, travel, wedding decor, beauty tips, etc. Well my weakness is mid-century modern decor and furniture. I could salivate over that stuff all day long.

For instance, I saw this photo on Pinterest and practically melted off of my chair with all the perfection.

Laurie Rubin via Apartment Therapy

Laurie Rubin via Apartment Therapy on Pinterest

When Tyler and I found our real first home in San Diego we knew it was time for babies and the space that comes along with. Although we still aren’t sure which community is right for us, so we opted to continue renting. My only complaint about renting is that it feels like you can never really make your house your own – we can’t paint or remodel, so it pretty much comes as-is.

And – this is a big “and” – I guess I didn’t realize on our walkthrough that all of the window treatments are permanent – and not our style! The whole house is ivory and peach with gold, maroon, or taupe curtains, and they’re upholstered to these wooden boxes which are screwed into the walls. It’s all very Tuscany-esque. Perfect for a Pier 1 designer, not so much for a mid-century modern enthusiast.

To put it into perspective: when I moved to California from New York state I brought myself, Tyler, two cats, and anything else I could fit into my compact, and as a touring musician Tyler came with a suitcase and a bass guitar – haha. We went to Ikea and furnished our entire first place with modern items – mostly black and white with pops of color, and it wasn’t until after we moved into our new home that we realized NOTHING matched! Seriously, anything black or white looks miserably out of place and we had to scramble to get new furniture.

Since then I’ve been dreaming of the day that we settle into a house that’s more of a blank canvas so that I can fill it with things like these items below.

Here are just a few of the items I’m drooling over:

Also, how ridiculously cute is this coat keeping with the mod theme? It’s 40% and not even close to being a “splurge”!

Melodic Morning Coat in Fruit

Melodic Morning Coat in Fruit

Well my lunch break is officially over, Fox is stirring, and I have to scram. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and that you celebrate National Junk Food Day with all the sweets you can get your hands on!

XO, Sarabeth

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