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A Rawhide Ranch Christmas

December 17, 2015

You may remember a month or so back when I posted about our friend’s getting married at a place called Rawhide Ranch. This place was so neat. It looked like an old western town complete with farm animals, a saloon, stage and dance floor, and more. There was even an area of covered wagons circled and a campfire in the middle where you can rent them out to go camping!

When we were on our way out I was so curious about what this awesome place was and if they’re open daily or just for private events. I pulled up their site and saw they had a big Christmas event last Saturday and Sunday so we asked a couple of our friends to head out with us to celebrate the season!

Rawhide Ranch -

First stop: hot cocoa. I may look relaxed in this photo, but I needed this cocoa SO. BAD. We had just left the mall on the second to last shopping weekend of the season. All was going well until we hit the double-decker Target and the escalator broke. I just happened to be digging through camisoles when I heard the horror unleash nearby and the Target employee/manager(?) quietly freaking out to the repairman… “Do you know what day this is?! We can’t have a broken escalator!”

What this meant for us: our full shopping cart could not make it back up to the floor we parked on. I told Tyler to run to the car and scoot it around to the lower level while Fox and I guarded it outside. Twenty minutes later I’m wondering what the heck happened to my husband when I see him running towards me huffing and puffing. I had the car keys. And then he began his journey back and returned another 10 minutes later.

When I needed a cocoa, Tyler got himself a coffee (if that explains his sentiments at this point).

Then we put Fox with Santa. This poor man was so sweet, but Fox was still horrified.

Rawhide Ranch -

Rawhide Ranch -

He did much better with the two of us in the photo.

Rawhide Ranch -

Rawhide Ranch -

Rawhide Ranch -

Rawhide Ranch -

What have you been doing to celebrate the season?


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