Fall of Troy at the Rawhide Ranch

November 7, 2015

Yesterday I went to my first ever Friday wedding. Tyler’s bandmate Jarred married our beautiful friend Emily at Rawhide Ranch in Bonsall, which I’m completely obsessed with! Her maiden name is Troy, so the hashtag featuring Fall of Troy was a perfect fit! The venue looked like an old ghost town, complete with a saloon where drinks were served and farm animals that Fox completely lost it over. It was the most laid back little shindig and every detail was on point. We couldn’t have had more fun!

But in true Fox fashion he chose an extra special day to get another tooth and his top teeth emerged after brunch. I’m a little relieved because when his bottom teeth popped through it only took a week before all of the skipped naps and restless nights subsided. Fingers crossed this will be similar.

Question for all the mamas out there: is it a bad thing that Fox hasn’t been sick yet at nine months old? This may not be the popular opinion, but I’ve never been the type to meticulously clean everything or shield him from getting down in the dirt. Most people assume I’m handling him with kid gloves, but I’m hoping he just built up a really great immune system. Thoughts?

Anywho, here are some photos from our time at the ranch yesterday including the band all back together for v2 of a photo that happened at our wedding three years ago!

The Band Back Together - The February Fox

Fox in Suspenders - The February Fox

Family at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox

Fox at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox

Family at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox

Bride and Groom at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox

Mama and Baby at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox

Rawhide Ranch Wedding - The February Fox

Family at the Rawhide Ranch - The February Fox


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    […] may remember a month or so back when I posted about our friend’s getting married at a place called Rawhide Ranch. This place was so neat. It looked like an old western town complete with farm animals, a saloon, […]

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