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How Our Love Has Changed Over the Years

September 3, 2019

This post is sponsored by Helzberg Diamonds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My husband Tyler was backing up photos from over the years recently. We went deep down memory lane from our early days when he was on Warped Tour and I was a waitress on Elmwood to our wedding on a mountain top and the emotional births of our two babies. It got me thinking about how many seasons of life we’ve navigated together in the past 10 years and the adapting we’ve done along the way.

Tyler has always done a spectacular job of making me feel loved. He’s selfless to say the least.

When we were dating we were always going out to the coolest restaurants. In fact, one of the first lures he used on me prior to dating was teasing a visit to a “swanky rooftop bar” which I still poke fun at him for. Knowing he’d put the thought into location and what I’d like best was always impressive to me.

I moved to Tyler’s hometown of San Diego, we got our first apartment and he thoughtfully introduced me to the places that would grow to be my favorites.

Then Tyler took me to Palm Springs where a day in the hot sunshine almost caused me to back out of dinner that night. His goal was to pop the question and I almost foiled it! Luckily I went and he placed an incredible diamond sparkler on my finger that I still wear to this day.

One job change and 15 months later, I sat in a peaceful estate in October 2012 awaiting the moment I’d get to see my groom. Everything was just right, but I was worried about never having found wedding jewelry. I didn’t like anything I’d tried on. Our photographer walked into the room carrying a bag and when I opened it I found the most gorgeous earrings and necklace that somehow Tyler knew would be perfect. Right after that, I met my soon-to-be-husband while walking down the aisle to Something by The Beatles, a version performed and recorded by Tyler just for me.

These days we’re busy shuttling Fox to swim lessons and keeping our newborn happy, we have careers to focus on and a home to take care of. Now Tyler shows me love by leaving a hot coffee on my bedside and allowing me to sleep an extra hour or so before I take care of the kids for the day. I know there’s a good chance he’ll slip an empanada into my Mighty Taco order and that any trip to the store results in a yummy fall candle or a new tea to try.

A running theme through our relationship, Helzberg Diamonds is where Tyler found and purchased my engagement ring and wedding bands. It’s also where he bought the jewelry he gave to me on our wedding day, a ring for our 3 year anniversary, and various pieces for Valentine’s Days over the years.

The founder of Helzberg Diamonds, Barnett Helzberg Jr. proposed to Shirley Bush in 1967 and decided that everyone should feel the love he felt. Now Helzberg’s ads tout his signature saying, “Buy her a diamond or give her a button, but in any case, tell her she’s loved” which is why the company famously hands out label buttons that say “I Am Loved.” They’re free and still available today — just ask!

Now it’s my turn to hear your love story.

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Sarabeth, The February Fox

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