Birthday and Holiday Wish Lists Using Amazon

August 26, 2015

Every time my birthday used to roll around I could practically hear Tyler groan, “Ughhhh, what am I going to get her?” From my perspective I’m easy to shop for. I like pretty much anything: a homemade gift, thoughtful card, food, clothes, knick-knacks – whatever. Nonetheless, I could tell it would really stress him out. So I started a wish list on Amazon for him to utilize if he needed ideas.

Then I had a bigger idea. What if I made wish lists for everyone I knew?

And I’m telling you now – that idea completely changed my whole way of doing things!

It’s Aug. 26 and I have over 30 Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped in my craft room. I also have most birthdays through March covered and half of Fox’s birthday party supplies in the closet (he’s not even 7 months old). I am never unprepared when invited to someone’s housewarming and I am never having to beat lines or run store to store to find the perfect gift. It’s all at my fingertips when I need it!

This year's Christmas gifts as of today!

This year’s Christmas gifts as of today!

Creating wish lists for everyone you know, as well as some general ones like housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, etc., allows you to add products and notes throughout the year as you see them. If I’m searching for something for my home and come across the perfect gift for my mom, I can add it to her wish list and come back to it when it’s time for her birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is in less than three weeks and I have my eye on so many things I’d love to treat myself to! Here are my top picks.

The only thing I don’t have planned yet what I’m doing! We usually go to the Madonna Inn every year but I’m just not sure I want to drive the 5-7 hours in traffic with a baby in the car – haha. Do you have any ideas of what I should do? Let me know in the comments!

XO, Sarabeth

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