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Fox’s First Pumpkin Patch

October 28, 2015

Fox said his very first word yesterday. We were at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and he blurted out “Mama” a couple times in a row when we prompted him. This kid is going to give me a heart attack with all he’s been learning. Over the last couple weeks he’s figured out how to crawl, stand and shuffle, dance, clap, wave, and now talk. I’m waiting for him to sprout some grays (like I must now have).

Over the weekend we took him to the Bates Nut Farm and he picked out his very first pumpkin. I talked more about how special that place is to us here.

I didn’t expect it but Fox was completely indifferent to his first pumpkin patch. I had waited for that moment for over a year and he couldn’t care less — haha! I think he was mostly distracted by the hay (he really wanted to chew on it) and all of the orange pumpkins. Pair that with 95 degree weather and he had a flat face the entire day!

We’ll be carving up our pumpkins this Friday. Maybe this year I’ll do something special with mine!

Here are some photos from our trip and a video too! It’s only my second YouTube video, but I’ll be adding more frequently so feel free to subscribe.

Pumpkin Patch - The February Fox

Pumpkin Patch - The February Fox

Pumpkin Patch - The February Fox

Pumpkin Patch - The February Fox

Pumpkin Patch - The February Fox

What are your plans this Halloween?


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