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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

February 8, 2017

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

There’s something so satisfying about giving gifts with a theme. Each item makes the thought come full circle and spices up any ordinary gift. Get your man these presents alone or scoop up all the bells and whistles! Here are a few ideas.

Record Player + Albums

A record player is always a hole in one. The best part of the gift? Records can be personalized no matter who the recipient may be. Whether you buy a brand new LP or dig through the piles at your local thrift shop, your guy will notice you’ve been paying attention when you choose his favorite tunes.

Coffee Subscription + Kitchen Tools

Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription company that will introduce your valentine to coffees from around the world. The design is impeccable and brew delicious — plus each package comes with a postcard from the region including growing methods and history of the coffee culture in the area. Pair that with a mug, grinder, and a travel press and you’ll have the gift that keeps on giving.

Tie It Together

Although ties may seem a bit cliche, they’re certainly useful for most men, and when paired with a handy tie rack you have a cute package deal that’s sure to get noticed! 

What are you and your love doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

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