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Why Introverts Hate Buying Cars

August 12, 2017

This post is sponsored by PushAuto, but the opinions are my own.

Have I mentioned before that I’m an introvert?

I certainly have, but I probably haven’t explained how much it affects my daily decisions and actions. From anxiety over casual lunches with friends to sweaty palms at the thought of bringing Fox literally anywhere indoors, the struggle is real.

I do 99% of my shopping online.

That blue moon where something is needed immediately or locally, I have my loving husband for those tasks.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy getting out of the house… I do — but I like to do it on my own terms. I plan outings, schedule itineraries days or weeks in advance, and even group tasks or commitments and sandwich some “me” time around these excursions. It’s also really nice to have Tyler and Fox with me when we get out to enjoy the Los Angeles area and we have typically filled our nights and weekends with activities when possible since moving here just over a year ago.

But there’s one activity, in particular, that is and has always been a big NOPE from me: buying a car. I absolutely despise haggling, negotiating, playing psychological games, and all of the “tricks” to getting a good deal on a new car. I don’t keep up with automotive trends, and I imagine that I would be the person that ends up paying way over budget for a car that I didn’t want (or need) in the first place.

For those of you like me, there is a brand new online service called PushAuto that takes that hassle and haggle out of buying a new car. You can browse hundreds of makes and models with interior/exterior photos, see the monthly pricing for buying vs leasing, and even what price would be considered a “good deal” based on recent cars bought in your area. When you’ve found your next car, you can get instant guaranteed offers from nearby dealerships with the click of a button. 

Now that’s my idea of “window shopping” — from the comfort of my own couch, or bed, or even my old car!

Are you an introvert like me? What tasks make you weak in the knees that most other people wouldn’t give a second thought?

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  • Reply Kevin Martin December 4, 2023 at 7:30 am

    Introverts are overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions that need to be made when buying a car. They may find the process of negotiating the price and discussing all the features of the car overwhelming and tiring.

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