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Ghost Town Alive! at Knott’s Berry Farm

August 21, 2017

Fox is just getting to the age where he’s realizing that he’s not yet built for all rides and attractions. He gets frustrated at other theme parks when he sees people piling onto thrill rides that he’s too small for as of yet. I did my research to see which parks have the best options for tots his age and one of my major finds was Knott’s Berry Farm!

I hadn’t been to Knott’s since I was a baby myself, so I was especially eager to take a trip there with my guys to see what’s up.

First let me preface this by explaining that Fox is a total train nut at the moment, and Knott’s has plenty of trains to go around!

You may have also noticed that our family will hit up any ghost town we happen to be nearby (Pioneertown, Tombstone…), so we were especially happy that Ghost Town Alive! was going on during our visit. 

There were watched as the Sheriff caught several bandits and panned for gold.

Ghost Town Alive! is on until Sept. 4. Make sure to plan a trip before it’s over!

Fox also recognized his Peanut friends at the park and rode plenty of the rides in their area. We even caught a show!

And we topped off our day with a slice of boysenberry pie. Next time, we’re heading back just us adults for Knott’s Scary Farm… my favorite time of year!

Have you been to Knott’s Berry Farm yet? What’s your favorite ride or attraction?

Massive thank you to Knott’s for hosting us for our trip! We had a blast and can’t wait to return.

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