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Being Prepared for Anything This Holiday Season

December 21, 2017

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Progressive Insurance. The opinions and text are all mine.

I know it’s human nature, but this is the time of year that I tend to evaluate my and my family’s loose ends. We’ve been flying light speed through this year, busier than ever without a chance for a full evaluation of our current situation. Tyler and I often divide and conquer duties like this — I’m the planner and he’s the executor in most cases.

The holidays are tough. You’re juggling kids, gifts, presentations, plays, meal preparation, traveling (ugh, the worst!) and yes, celebrating. It’s also the time of year when you’re getting ready to start anew and making sure you’ve got your goals and expectations for the year ahead set. The craziness ensues and it’s times like these when your focus is scattered and accidents tend to happen, or you expose yourself to be taken advantage of when you least expect it. You know what they say: “‘Tis the season… for unforeseeable accidents and other unlucky occurrences”. The weather is cold, people are traveling, heads are full of distractions, and these things tend to happen when all of those factors combine.

In California right now, we’re of course thinking of the families, friends and brave crews battling the second largest wildfire in our history. I can’t imagine what so many are going through while we prep presents under the tree and get ready to celebrate in our home, safe with family and friends. And I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of presents stolen from cars, damage from winter storms, etc. You just can’t predict the safety of your home and possessions and it’s always nice to know that during this time of mind-juggling thousands of things, this is not one of them.

We have been fortunate to not have had hardly any serious incidents since I moved to California back in 2011. But the low price for peace of mind that you won’t be left hanging in the event of an accident is something that is worth tenfold its price. 

Did you know that Progressive Insurance, popularized by their witty ads for car insurance also provides a wide variety of other insurances for things that you own? A big one during this time of year is renters and homeowner’s insurance. I guess now is as good of a time as any to casually mention that Tyler and I have been putting feelers out about attempting to buy a home in the near future, and something that was never on my radar was insurance for that home in case of an emergency.

As we’ve seen a rash of wildfires out here in Southern California, and almost simultaneously frigid temperatures and snow in the Northeast it’s clear weather is so unpredictable. One of the immediate evacuation zones for one of the recent Los Angeles fires was actually walking distance from our house and the thickness of smoke and ash in the air was alarming to say the least. Fox’s school was closed for three days and we took the time to put together an evacuation plan – way later than we should have. Protecting your personal possessions and the biggest purchase you’ll likely make in your entire life (your home) should be a no-brainer.

Whether you’re a current Progressive Insurance customer or are using this time to evaluate if you’re properly covered at the right price, be sure to check rates for homeowner insurance (and bundles) over at progressive.com. They recently launched a new quoting experience called HomeQuote Explorer that will let you get multiple quotes from different companies and you only have to fill out one form to get them. In less than fifteen minutes you can have up to three
different estimates for your home’s coverage. So if you’re reevaluating your insurance needs before 2018, check to see if you can lower your rates and if you are thinking about buying a home, like Tyler and I, it’s a great way to know how much to budget for home insurance. We know how expensive this season can get and it’s not the season to be throwing away money. We also know firsthand just how stressful ensuring preparedness from accidents or disasters can be. With our evacuation plan in place, I feel much better knowing our belongings are covered and as long as we are all safe and healthy, Progressive can take care of the rest.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sarabeth, The February Fox


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