It’s National Lipstick Day!

July 29, 2015

I can hardly keep track of all of the amazing days that have went by recently – mostly involving sweets – but this one may be my favorite yet!

National Lipstick Day is here and I am taking the opportunity to share my favorite shades with you guys. These are my go-to choices that I always have in my lipstick bag and rotate constantly. Lipstick has a way of making me feel put together even if I haven’t put a lot of thought into the rest of my makeup. That said, I’m horrible at wearing lipstick! I bite it off and never seem to be able to get it on straight, but I’ve found with these six products that they stay put without having to think about them.

CG Lipstick Picks

(BTW, all colors are represented left to right by the numbers 1-6!)

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Berry Haute – This is an oldie but a goodie (thankfully still available!). Truthfully I don’t think the product image captures the exact color of the product, but the color came through perfect on the swatch image above. When I decided to try out plum I was skeptical because… purple!… but it’s so easy to wear it’s not even funny. I can apply this one without wearing liner or looking in a mirror and it even stayed put through a serious chips and salsa session at the Mexican restaurant down the street.

2. stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso – I received a trial of this product in a subscription box awhile ago and as soon as I put it on I knew it would be a forever favorite of mine. This color red is so rich and even though Stila claims the color lasts for six hours, I truly think it stays longer! This red makes my lips look a lot larger than they are. Since that trial I have bought this color in full size and three more colors. All of the dark colors are great, but be careful when buying the light colors as they don’t go on as smooth and come off easier in my opinion. I am wearing Beso here.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Black Cherry – Another pick from Revlon! I actually wore this color the night of my rehearsal dinner and haven’t stopped since. It isn’t a color I would normally pick out for myself but one of my bridesmaids suggested I wear it and it never made it out of my purse. It’s dark but you can build layers to get to that point which makes me feel like I get multiple shades out of one tube. Definitely a true black cherry but begins as a maroon.

4. butter LONDON LIPPY Tinted Balm in Nutter – Even though this is called a balm I think it’s best called lipstick. This is such a great nude because it doesn’t look like you’re plastering concealer on your mouth – it’s just dark enough where it sets a boundary between lips and skin without looking brown. I had the pleasure of meeting butter LONDON global colour ambassador Katie Jane Hughes a couple years back and she showed me that these can double as cheek color. I have these in about a dozen colors and take her advice often.

5. M·A·C Lipstick in Vegas Volt – A couple of years ago I was heading to Vegas and needed some bold new colors since anything goes there. I was hoping to finally try an orange and had my eye on Morange. Needless to say, I saw it in person and panicked a little and reached for a less intense orange. When I saw my pick was called Vegas Volt I obviously had to buy it! This lipstick is unique because I feel like it looks different on every time I wear it depending what I’m wearing. Sometimes it’s bold and sometimes it’s more relaxed.

6. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy – Yet another subscription box find. This one I was literally laughing as I applied because the color looks so ’80s upon first glance that I was certain it would best be suited for Halloween. This color is actually exceptionally flattering! I really love wearing this one with all black or all white outfits and light eye makeup.

So those are my faves! I’m currently obsessing over finding a “greige” lip color. Help a girl out!

Do you have a go-to lip color?

XO, Sarabeth

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