Shark Week Inspired Gifts

July 10, 2015

For one week a year, nature and primal fear align into the magic that is Shark Week. The Discovery Channel’s blockbuster series of programming has created fans young and old.

What better way to celebrate another year of Ninja Sharks than to spoil your special Shark Week fan with these razor-toothed-infused items.


Shark Tea Infuser

$9.20 | DCI | Purchase at Amazon

This silicone shark tea infuser hooks onto the edge of your cup while steeping loose tea leaves in hot water. Just add red tea for an extra creepy Shark Week effect.


Shark Pet Bed

$15.88 | spexpet | Purchase at Amazon

I have to admit that stumbling upon this pet bed sent me down the long and winding road of opting into a Shark Week themed post. Every small mammal needs a Jaws bed. It’s really not up for debate.


Inflatable Shark Trio

$7.39 | RINCO | Purchase at Amazon

This inflatable shark trio is a perfect addition to any Shark Week viewing party or tossed in the pool where live sharks should not go.


Shark Earbuds

$10.65 | DCI | Purchase at Amazon

Can’t get enough of Shark Week when you’re out and about? Grab these earbuds and hook up to your phone or tablet device for mobile listening.


LEGO City Surfer Rescue

$5.59 | LEGO | Purchase at Amazon

This surfer sure looks happy for someone with a shark nipping at his board. Maybe it’s because Legos are so much fun to put together.


Great White Shark Anatomy Model

$23.92 | Fame Master | Purchase at Amazon

This 4D shark anatomy model boasts 20 detachable organs and body parts, a display stand, and Q&As.

What is your favorite Shark Week show?

*Please note: Prices are accurate at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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