Mid-October Photo Roundup

October 19, 2015

October has felt like a wedding day. You plan all year-round for it to arrive and then it whirls by before your eyes. I’m in disbelief it’s already the 19th. I have yet to make it to the pumpkin patch!

I’ve been spending my spare time this month trying to better myself in a few very minor areas. I bought a planner, have allowed myself to “breathe” a bit by getting outside or tuning out everything except for my kiddo, and decided to tackle social media with a vengeance. Still on my list of things that needs to happen: read a book, tidy up more often, and sell some of the enormous amount of stuff I do not need!

I do have one more thing that needs to happen this month. I need to try a pumpkin spice latte. I have told Tyler all month that I haven’t had one yet this year, and it just hit me that I’ve never even had one before in general.

Without further ado, here is my most recent photo roundup.


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