Coffee Table Envy and Books to Put on Top

August 5, 2015

I have a confession to make: I am grossly obsessed with coffee table books. Big ones, small ones, thin ones, thick ones… heck I don’t even care if it’s solely about 1991 Dodge Spirit carburetors. I love them all.

When I still lived in Buffalo they opened an Urban Outfitters at the Galleria Mall and I’d head over before a night out to find something to wear. I’m not sure if it’s still there, but their sale items were in the back corner and you could find these amazing coffee table books between $2-9. Needless to say, I’d come home with about a dozen books and no outfit. And when it was time to move to California and get rid of all of my things to squeeze me, Tyler, and two cats into my tiny car, I decided to keep all my books like a crazy person.

Coffee table books are a great way to learn a lot about something in a very short amount of time, even if you’re simply finding out more about the person who owns them.

Now that I’ve picked out my dream coffee table above, here’s a peek into what kind of books you’d see in my household and Tyler’s current fave. Enjoy!
Ty's Pick - CTB

XO, Sarabeth

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