Skin Care Routine

August 30, 2015

Around the time I entered college my decent skin got embarrassingly out of control. I felt so uncomfortable all the time. I remember choosing restaurants for dates based on the lighting so my horrible acne would look just a tad bit better. For reference, I’d have anywhere upwards of 20 large blemishes on my face at any given time.

I tried dozens of skin care remedies – creams, vitamins, water, masks, wipes, cleansers, blemish clearing devices, etc. It seemed like everything made it worse.

When I met Tyler I hopped on tour with him frequently and found myself driving through the night sans sink to wash my face in. I knew I had to buy some makeup removing towelettes to substitute for the time being. I have to admit that I first grabbed Pond’s face wipes because they were the only ones at the Target by my house that came in a three pack. I brought them home that night and decided to try something out. I scrubbed my face with a washcloth – not once, but three times – and then ran a face wipe over my skin. I was amazed at how much makeup came off after I had washed my face so diligently.

After a few times of only using Pond’s face wipes I realized my skin was getting significantly better. So I decided to switch cleansers when I got home and try something I never did before – using natural products. The Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser is 96% natural. I was 96% sure it wasn’t going to work for me and braced for the worst. Within weeks my skin was completely clear. Not a mark on me – not even a scar.

I realized after all these years that my skin was being traumatized over and over by all of the chemicals I kept trying to put on it and decided to keep my skin care routine down to the bare bones.

This may not work for everyone, but I would have killed to know this information years ago so I definitely want to share.

Here’s my official skin care routine.


  • Wash face in shower with Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser.
  • Run Pond’s wipe over skin after shower immediately before applying makeup.


  • Clean off makeup with face wipe. Repeat with second face wipe.
  • In the event of breakout, apply Oxy Spot Treatment to blemish only. (Note: Careful with clothes and sheets!)

Cleanser: Yes to Carrots | Wipes: Pond’s | Spot Treatment: Oxy

Although everyone I know swears by Bare Minerals to keep skin clear and cover breakouts, it never worked for me. Here are the items that did.

Foundation: Almay | Concealer: Clinique

The Clinique All About Eyes Concealer covers more than just dark circles. It covers spots effortlessly and a small tube goes a very long way – I only buy about two a year. The Almay Clear Complexion makeup does not clog my pores or cause breakouts. Both products work together perfectly.

These things along with eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, and moisturizing have done wonders for me. What skin care routine works best for you?

XO, Sarabeth

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