P.S. I’m Blonde

August 12, 2015

I never thought I’d take any sort of advice from the Kardashian family, but I have to admit that it was Khloe’s brunette to blonde transformation that made me want to change up my hair.

So I did it. I’m a blonde!

I went to see my friend Aubrey at Paul Mitchell The School San Diego after I self-cut my hair after a Pinterest binge-induced confidence boost. Plus, my horrible box dye started to fade out and my hair turned accidentally ombré.

From there it was easy. Step one: lighten up. Step two: blonde!


I realize I’m doing this kind of backwards. There are three cycles in my hair’s life:

  1. Light in the fall
  2. Dark in the summer
  3. Black in Vegas

Haha. Not sure why, it just works out that way. I’m fairly certain that the only way I’m changing my hair color anytime soon is if I lighten even more. I love that my hair looks more voluminous than it actually is (I can thank Fox for that one) and that I’m starting to feel more comfortable with braids and up-dos because of the new dimension my hair has.

I didn’t think he would react, but Goo stared at me for a full minute or so completely emotionless looking at my new hair before reaching out to me. He definitely noticed – and he likes it!


Have you changed your hair recently or are you looking to?

XO, Sarabeth

P.S. If you’re local, please look up Aubrey and set up a time with her! You can see more of her work on Instagram at the handle hairbyaubreylewis.

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