PopSugar Must Have October 2015 Review

October 15, 2015

Well I’m back at it – after a year hiatus I am once again subscribing to the PopSugar Must Have box. The truth is that I really missed this pink and white package arriving at my doorstep every month! Among the things that brought me back into the arms of PS were the grand variety of items and the uncanny ability to know exactly what I need and want. I also appreciate the fact that the boxes seldom come with a theme (other than being seasonal), which helps create a broader spectrum of items that I may like.

So without further ado, here are the items from the PopSugar Must Have October 2015 box.

This one is stuffed, so get ready! The handy little card inside let me know that the October inspirations were autumn, restful nights, cozy, irresistible, and breast cancer awareness, in which PopSugar made a donation to Right Action for Women which helps provide advanced cancer screening to women.

Now for the products.

The Honest Company Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub || Sugg. Retail $17

I had been meaning to pick up a body scrub soon since fall is underway and winter is on the horizon. Rough skin is not cute and this product definitely helped me feel silky smooth since it’s filled with all the good stuff like shea butter and almond oils.

Belgian Boys De Stroopwafel || Sugg. Retail $1.59

Let’s be honest, this was gone in about 30 seconds. It barely made it in a picture. It was a cookie/waffle-type creation filled with caramel that reminded me of ice cream socials in grade school. So basically, if you don’t like this product then you hate ice cream and parties and childhood. Make sense? Good.

Richer Poorer Hope Slipper Socks || Sugg. Retail $15

These slipper socks were designed by PopSugar for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Super cozy and perfect for me since I just very recently kicked my barefoot only rule and have started hoarding socks. Feeding my addition, PS.

Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcase || Sugg. Retail $36

This satin pillowcase is not something I had even thought about getting up until about a week ago. I had read a tip on Pinterest about the benefits of satin pillowcases to hair and skin. Anything that promises to prevent sleep wrinkles and reduce hair breakage is a-ok in my book. After all, 30 isn’t too far down the road. Waaaaah!

Easy, Tiger Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set || Sugg. Retail $8

If there is one thing I am literally obsessed with it’s gift wrap. It doesn’t matter where I go – Home Goods, Target, Marshalls – I will almost always walk out with some sort of bow, washi tape, or gift bag. So these were a great fit for my paper goods arsenal! If you can’t tell, they’re wine (or liquor) bottle bags that will be perfect for all of the upcoming holiday parties I’ll be sure to attend. So cute.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling || Sugg. Retail $25

If you’re not following me on Instagram, you wouldn’t know quite yet that this is my favorite item this month! Besides already having this on my “must read” list, you know you’re going to really love a book when the back cover has a diagram of Mindy Kaling’s  heart labeled with areas devoted to things like “when you order salad and they accidentally give you friends.”

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product || Sugg. Retail $11.96

Are you familiar with the scent of Ralph by Ralph Lauren? Well this is the exact same smell, except it helps to detangle, add shine, and de-frizz your hair. I’ve just recently gotten into hair care and this definitely a product I’ll be adding to my everyday pile. It’s a 10 Haircare is a partner of Right Action for Women as well.

Danielle Stevens Monogram Gift Card (pictured with additional discount cards) || Sugg. Retail $40

This special extra was thrown in to enjoy $40 off any monogrammed piece from Danielle Stevens’ website. All items are $50+, so you’ll wind up spending a little something but it’s a pretty nice discount if you ask me. I’m undecided if I’ll be purchasing anything but I’ll be sure to update if I do.

If you’re interested in trying out a box of your own, click here to sign up!

So what did you think about this month? What’s your favorite item?



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    I think I will get one for my birthday. Thank you for this great idea.

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