Quick Lentil, Bruschetta, and Feta Dip

September 6, 2015

My sister-in-law makes this amazing lentil, bruschetta, and feta dip that always seems to spoil my appetite. It tastes like it’s taken forever for the flavors to set in and looks even more complicated. Then I got the scoop: it’s three ingredients mixed together. That’s it!


The original recipe comes from Trader Joe’s 1 Minute Lentil Salad.


Here it is:

1 package TJ’s Steamed & Fully Cooked Lentils, rinsed to remove extra sodium
1 package TJ’s Crumbled Feta
1/2 container (7.25 oz) TJ’s Bruschetta Sauce*

*I use the entire package of Bruschetta Sauce because I like the extra tomatoes!


Now mix all three ingredients in a medium bowl. That’s it! I serve with Pita Bite Crackers or sliced cucumbers for a healthier alternative.

For more Trader Joe’s recipes check out their website or cookbooks. Enjoy!

XO, Sarabeth

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