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Recharging My Batteries Over Break

December 29, 2017

This post is sponsored by ClimateRight but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It took awhile for my husband to figure me out when we first came to be. He loves be around people and going out and about in crowds of people — always in the thick of things.

Me? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my share of fun and friends, but I always feel like my energy has been drained every time we head out of the house. I’m definitely the type to want to spend time inside more so than hit the town running.

Netflix and chill days are basically my way of life.

2017 has been a year of go, go, go and I’ve been taking some time before the new year to recharge my batteries and feel whole again.

Here’s the deal: it’s okay to be lazy sometimes! Put on your PJs, pour yourself a cuppa, and prepare to relax when you can afford it. While some people thrive on cutting technology off during their days of disconnection, I’m not one of them! I was lucky enough to have an extended holiday with Tyler and Fox over the last 10 days, including a couple of day dates with the two of us — something we haven’t been able to pull off since Fox was born.

But the last week has served as my recharging outlet after a year of constant writing, photoshoots, excursions and social media updates. I have to admit that this week I haven’t updated my Instagram or Twitter account daily as I usually have, and coming to terms with that being okay has been an endeavor of its own.

To break away from the barrage of email, social updates and deadlines, I have focused on me this week, before kicking it back into high-gear after the new year. For the first time in years, we spent Christmas as a family at our home. Fox put out homemade gingerbread cookies and milk for Santa and we spent the entire day opening presents, watching holiday movies and listening to music.

I was able to get back into binge-watching television and we even gave each other space to enjoy our own relaxation – something that is rare when work envelopes your lives. The first shows that I caught up on this week were When Calls The Heart, The Good Place (a new favorite), Shameless, The Office (round 4), and Broad City. There are various other shows that I watch for Tyler’s sake, but I’ll leave those for him to discuss — although they mostly involve documentaries, Star Wars, or Steve Jobs, honestly. 

When I’m sequestered for a few minutes (or hours) I also like to get some comfy pajamas on and dig into a book, mobile game or podcast. I will admit that while unplugging,  I enjoy a variety of styles of personal entertainment, be it a great mystery novel, a hot mystery podcast, or even a lesser-known mystery adventure game.

The important point is to allow yourself to recharge, reset, and realign your mindset for the next 12 months.  It’s okay to shut down for an hour, or a day, or a week if you need to; and don’t feel guilty about it. Live in your pajamas for a while, especially if they’re as comfy as these. You’ll come back stronger, more focused, and more motivated than if you let yourself completely burn out through this time of year.

If you want to try out a pair of pajamas like mine, I highly suggest them! They might be the softest pair I’ve ever put on. They’re called ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds and I got them from Walmart. You can shop the full assortment of layering pieces and sleepwear now on Walmart.com where you can enjoy free in-store pickup or 2-day free shipping (with a qualifying $35 purchase).

What’s your favorite way to recharge?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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