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Slowing Down // Family Time

January 21, 2016

We’ve been blessed with a lot of time together as a family these past couple weeks, even if the majority of it seems to be working towards achieving our goals. We’re finally at a bit of a stopping point to enjoy each other lately and dipped out of the house for a bit to head down the street to the Safari Park. It’s our favorite spot (if I haven’t made it obvious enough lately) to grab a bite to eat and take a stroll. Since it’s so close, we always weigh our options: screaming baby in a restaurant vs. happy baby walking and eating with tigers, giraffes, and rhinos nearby… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Meerkat -

Fox Henry -

Fox Henry -

And today was a big milestone! Fox’s first playground sesh. I know, I know – round of applause. We finally found a pair of shoes that he didn’t throw off (thank you so much, Freshly Picked) so I stood him up next to some playground equipment and he went to town. The sheer joy emanating from this child was enough to keep me smiling for days! Also loving the little Third Man Records shirt we picked up while we were in Nashville this past September. 

Fox on the playground -

Fox and Papa -

San Diego Zoo Safari Park -

Fox on the playground -

Fox and Mama -

Fox and Mama -

Next stop: Disneyland! We have plenty of season pass left to use on up and Fox has been letting me know that he misses Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (or maybe that was me)… either way, that’s #1 on our bucket list this month! 

What’s your family up to? Do you have any excursion ideas for me and mine?


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