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Upcycled Dinosaur Toy DIY

June 28, 2019

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Plasti Dip. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weekends back I hit the thrift stores with my mom.

We were on the lookout for some unique decor for the nursery, something I’d struggled with finding.

Charlie’s room is a mixture of white, gray, blush, and sage, so the typical primary colors didn’t seem to fit, yet most of the decor that would match seemed too grown up for an infant.

I passed the toy section and saw these adorable dinosaur and animal figures and knew they were the perfect size and theme for his space, but the bright greens and oranges had to go.

From there I grabbed a can of Plasti Dip Craft in white, laid down some cardboard, and went to town!

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If this product isn’t already in your crafting arsenal, let me tell you a little bit about it because it’s not just your typical spray paint.

Plasti Dip Craft is actually a rubber coating, making it peelable off most surfaces, non-slip, and durable. This means that if the boys ever decide they’d rather play with these figures than put them on display, the Plasti Dip Craft can be peeled off and they’ll be good as new! 

Aside coming in a variety of colors, Plasti Dip also has enhancers like their Metalizer, Pearlizer, and Glossifier.

Back to the project!

Aside from protecting your spray surface and pointing the can in the direction of the dinos, there are no other steps! I did about four coats since these guys are very porous, which kicked the can after a generous application.

Here’s a video of how I created these.

I absolutely loved how they turned out.

They look sleek and classy but still have that little boy’s room vibe. The best part is that I’d spray a coat in seconds flat and leave them to dry, rinse and repeat. The total time it took to make these was actual minutes. 

I’ve also thought about how neat this project would be for a themed party! Whatever the colors and objects you’re focusing on, it’s a cheap and easy way to pull it all together.

Since this was so easy and I have multiple colors on hand, here are a few projects I have lined up:

  • Color-block basic planters for a fun room update
  • Spray on the bottom of coasters to keep tables safe from scratches
  • Coat the bottom of household tools to get a better grip when tightening screws or nuts

Since Plasti Dip Craft can be peeled off, it’s absolutely perfect for switching up decor for different holidays! Say you have a red vase that you like to use for Christmas. Grab a can of yellow and cover to use on your Easter tablescape, then peel it off for the next holiday! I personally think the Pearlizer would look great on that project.

Soon I’ll be heading off to the thrift store to get more plastic animals to spray since Fox has been carrying these three around finding any plant or tree possible to play Jurassic Park.

What will you make your next Plasti Dip project?

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Sarabeth, The February Fox

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