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3 Ways to Jump Start Your Everyday Fall Celebrations

November 25, 2019

This post is sponsored by General Mills, but all opinions are my own.

Fall is my favorite season of all, so it’s no surprise I maximize my celebration of these colorful leaf shedding months to the fullest extent.

For me, it goes far beyond a trip to the pumpkin patch or picking apples off a tree. This time of year means soaking up the music, chunky sweater fashions, and comforting menu options to savor every moment.

So grab a cozy blanket and your favorite cup of tea, settle in, and read on to see my three favorite ways to celebrate fall every day.

Get Outside

Here in WNY we’re lucky to get some of the country’s best leaf peeping opportunities. Did you know that’s actually a thing? Leaf peeping? From Letchworth State Park to the Niagara Gorge, there are places to go far and wide to see the colors change. We like to head out to our backyard and see what shapes and hues we can find, Fox tosses them and Charlie tries to eat them — we all enjoy them different ways! When we’re all done outside and the temps start to dip with the sun’s exist, it’s time to…

Set the Stage

Light the candles, get lost in a fuzzy blanket, and put on your favorite fall-themed rom com — fall is all about hygge. Do you know hygge? It’s the Danish way of explaining how to live comfortably and cozily. Add some twinkle lights and you’re ready to relax. But wait… there’s something missing!

Fall Flavors

From Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and pumpkin Bisquick pancakes in the morning to spiced tea in the afternoon and delectable after-dinner desserts from Betty Crocker or made from scratch with Gold Medal Flour, there are so many ways to fill your kitchen up with warmth and be a Merry Maker. We’re huge fans of making Peanut Butter Kiss cookies (the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s Kisses in the middle), especially this Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Blossoms mix which makes baking exponentially easier but still tastes from scratch! I picked this one up from my local Sam’s Club that has 3 separate packages of 22 cookies in the same box. It’s a fabulous spot to stock up on General Mills seasonal essentials.

Find more good food and good cheer with these festive recipes from the brands that have been a tradition for generations!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate this gorgeous season?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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