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80 Degrees

February 26, 2016

It’s still a hot one here in San Diego. February and 80 degrees, can you believe it?

When I first moved here it was always 75 with a cool breeze but in recent years it’s just been so hot all the time!

We put Fox in his little trunks and brought him outside to play with some new water toys he got for his birthday.

His hair is getting so long! I have no idea when we’re supposed to get it cut or how we’d do it. I think I want to grow it out because it doesn’t seem to bother him but I’m not sure.

Speaking of growing, this kid went from 3rd percentile in weight all the way to 17th! Like I said in my last post, he’s a little vacuum cleaner and his weight reflects that. I’m so excited to watch him grow.

Just a quick update on this beautiful afternoon!


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