Apple and Pear Picking in Julian

September 9, 2015

Happy belated Labor Day! This weekend was filled with the best kind of things. We caught up with friends at brunch at Mama Kat’s, did a bunch of baking and cooking, went to Fox’s favorite – Trader Joe’s, met up in Old Town with one of my best friends from back home, and went to Julian for organic apple and pear picking!

I, for one, am annoyingly obsessed with fall and filled in the blanks of my long weekend buying pumpkin candles, trying to wear my flannel (didn’t last long in 91 degree heat!), and stomping around Julian. Julian is one of my favorite drives from San Diego – it’s an old mining town known for fall apple harvesting. So, we headed to Apple Starr Orchard to gather apples and pears to use later on this week in some recipes I’ve added to my “Confection” Pinterest board.

I was most tickled at the fact that this orchard not only had apple picking, but pears too! I’ve never even heard of a pick-your-own pears spot before, but I was ready to dive in head first.








I’m wearing the striped top from my Friday Favorites post last week. I’m obsessed and definitely picking up in another color since it’s under $20. Get it here.







This was so. much. fun. I am getting so excited with how interactive Fox has been lately. He was picking the fruit off the trees!

You may have noticed his little rosy cheeks. This smiley kid got his very first tooth the day after apple picking! Besides the flushed face and a tiny crying fit on Sunday, he has been such a trooper. He used his new tooth to eat some homemade applesauce that Mama whipped up, along with many apple treats. We’re still waiting on the pears to ripen.

I made my first apple pie and it looked AWESOME. So the first thing I do when it comes out of the oven is put my one hand on top and flip it out of the pan upside down like a cake. Because that’s how you make pie too, right? I learned my lesson and we ate “apple crumb” later for dessert. Never living that one down…

Speaking of food, here are a few of the recipes I mentioned before. Click on each picture to see the steps. So delicious!

1. Apple Crisp Stuffed Apples, Creme de la Crumb // 2. Natural Apple Fruit Leather, 17 Apart // 3. Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry, Sprinkle Bakes // 4. Pear and Ginger Ice Cream, Food n’ Focus

How quick and easy is this gorgeous centerpiece that utilizes both apples and pears? I’ll definitely recreate it this season.

via Julie Blanner

via Julie Blanner

Hope the rest of your week is as sweet as these treats!

XO, Sarabeth

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