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The Last Days of Summer: 5 Things to Bring to the Beach

September 17, 2016

This post is sponsored by Outshine but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It may seem like we’re in a constant summer state here in California, but around my house we try and stick with the season through decor, activities, and (arguably the most important thing in this short list) food. We still have a little bit more time of legitimate summer days, so we celebrated with a trip to Santa Monica Beach!

Here are five things we always bring to the beach that ensure we have a relaxing time.

Santa Monica State BeachShady Shelter

When Fox was first born we bought a beach shelter — one of those things that looks like a tent with the front half missing — to shade him from the harsh sun and keep away drifts of sand. This has been so helpful for us to this day, especially to provide a safe haven if he gets tuckered out and needs a nap.

Santa Monica State BeachWet/Dry Bag

No one wants a soggy bottom (or car), so make sure to pack a wet/dry bag or Ziploc to store ocean-logged clothing and keep sand out of carpets.

Santa Monica State BeachCold Snacks

Beat the heat by packing plenty of cool treats for downtime! As a family, we’re fond of bringing Outshine Fruit Bars to the beach in a cooler along with plenty of ice water. This quintessential summer snack is non-GMO and made with real fruit, plus they’re especially helpful right now for Fox’s molars coming in! 

Santa Monica State BeachSanta Monica State BeachOutshine Fruit BarA Good Playlist

Craft a playlist with music that both parents and kids can get along with (think high energy for a good sandy dance party). Some of my favorite artists? FRENSHIP, The Chainsmokers, and Empire of the Sun. Throw a little Bieber in there too for obvious reasons.

Santa Monica State BeachConstruction Toys

Bring the dump truck and castle moulds out to play to keep kids busy for long periods of time while building something from start to finish. Encourage them to tell you the story of who lives in their new habitat, what they like to do for fun, and what their names are. It will create a dialogue for the whole family to enjoy and remember for years to come.



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