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Checking Off the First Item on My Summer Bucket List (Video!)

June 18, 2018

This post is sponsored by Discover Boating but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The February Fox is celebrating 3 years as a blog next month, but did you know I’ve been blogging for over a decade on a variety of platforms?

When I first moved to California 8 years ago, I kept a blog that included a monthly bucket list of 5 places to see, things to do, or experiences to discover to help me get to know my new city of San Diego.

Now that I’m back in Buffalo and re-experiencing my great city after a major resurgence, I’m going to be doing the very same thing!

Life looks a bit different these days with an active toddler, so my monthly lists will now be seasonal — so get ready for some timely bucket list items that you can follow along with on your own too!

The February Fox’s Summertime Bucket List

  1. Cruise the Niagara River
  2. Roast Marshmallows
  3. Visit the Drive-in Movies
  4. Bake a Peach Pie
  5. Road Trip!

Surprise! I’ve already managed to cross off number one from my list!

Tyler and I chartered a gorgeous classic wooden boat from Classic Cruises on the Niagara River this past Flag Day, bringing a yummy picnic aboard to watch the sun set.

Fittingly, the boat is called Summer Love!

Captain Rich, the proprietor of Classic Cruises started with a history of his cherished 1956 Chris Craft express cruiser, and set the tone for what to expect on our upcoming expedition. As we departed the Black Rock Channel, we got a look at the city of Buffalo, Fort Erie on the Canadian coast, and cruised past Black Rock Lock, which allows for a 53-foot drop in water level, and in combination with the rest of the Erie Canal, provides a direct route all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rich took us north along the mighty Niagara River towards the thunderous Niagara Falls (don’t worry, while we were above the falls, it was several miles away, even at our closest point). As we dined on fresh drinks, fruit and sandwiches, Rich showed us waterfront relics of Buffalo’s once-roaring industrial revolution alongside hidden nests of bald eagles, osprey, egrets and herons.

It was a great moment to be out on the river and quite literally disconnect from everything going on around us. For two magnificent hours we enjoyed a relaxing time together, surrounded by bright blue water, wildlife, and a beautiful sunset in our new city.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing your city from the water. When you’re ready to embark on your own boating experience, make sure your first stop is the Discover Boating website. You can quickly find local clubs and places to rent boats, along with information about ownership and even a boat selector. 

I was surprised to learn that there were over 60,000 registered boats in Western New York in 2016 and nearly 12 million in the entire U.S., with 95% of them being under 26 ft. It really puts into perspective that no matter where in the country we live, our love for the water and boating is universal.

See more from our boating trip here:


Sarabeth, The February Fox


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