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Disneyland Day 2

December 15, 2015

Day two at Disneyland was just as fun as the first. It’s so nice to stay overnight (even though we don’t really have to) and stroll across the street to hop on some rides.

Fox didn’t sleep the entire night before so we were running on fumes and scrambling to cross a few major things off the list before the park swelled up with people.

In anticipation for the new Star Wars movie, Tyler was eager to hop into the Launch Bay to pick up some exclusive toys and introduce Fox to Darth Vader. Spoiler alert: he screamed. And I wanted to as well!

When it was finally your turn to meet DV, they have you wait “on deck” (or so I thought) for him, until all 7′ of him turns the corner and scares the daylights out of you. I couldn’t help but laugh as we posed for pictures through the heavy breathing and Fox lost it after a snap or two.


We spent a good portion of the day at California Adventure with a couple scattered trips into Disneyland.





Fox saw his first snow at Olaf’s Snow Fest, where Disney hauls in real snow for kids to experience the cold, white stuff here in SoCal. Fox hated that too. He takes after his papa.

I got myself an Elsa’s White Hot Chocolate with homemade peppermint marshmallow and it was so very good.


I felt bad that Tyler didn’t get to ride anything crazy because Fox is still too small, so I stayed in California Adventure with Fox and hopped on Ariel’s Undersea Adventure while Ty ran to Disneyland to go on Star Tours. He came back with a big grin and a bigger sangria for my efforts.

Fox also tried a lick of ice cream for the first time and it’s safe to say he has a sweet tooth. No more for him until he’s older!


At the end of the night I hopped in line for Indiana Jones (one of my favorites) alone and it was honestly the weirdest experience. Being by myself in line surrounded by chattering friends and families for 30 minutes made me feel really isolated and at least three employees did a double-take when they asked how many riders and I said one. I may spend every waking hour with Fox and the majority of my time with Tyler, but I missed them so much it hurt and although I had fun on the ride after all I was so happy to see their faces.

We have an adventure coming up the next couple of weeks and I’ll be trying my best to blog a little bit here and there, but do look forward to some fun travel posts and a few others I have scattered in between!


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