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Favorite Spot for Both Kids + Parents: San Diego Zoo

July 6, 2016

If you’re a longtime reader of The February Fox you may remember when Fox was just a little guy suffering from a horrible case of colic. Besides the obvious guilt we felt that our baby wasn’t feeling 100%, it also made the adjustment from childless couple to parents that much harder. We desperately wanted to feel like real people again, allowed to experience the sunshine and *gasp* possibly go out to eat.

When Fox turned 1-month-old, my husband coerced me into making our first family outing. I have to admit — I was scared. We chose to go to the San Diego Zoo since it’s a safe space with a lot of kids enjoying themselves, plus we had preexisting memberships that we used before baby arrived.

I quickly learned that the San Diego Zoo is the ideal spot to bring kids. Most child-centric locations do not cater to adults, but the zoo is on a different level.

There was a chill in the air on our first visit, so we opted for a cup of cocoa to stroll around with while Fox got his first big taste of fresh air. No crying. What?! The more we strolled, the sleepier he got until his little eyes closed, so Mama and Papa sat down for a proper bite to eat. We landed on Hua Mei Cafe for some delicious Asian cuisine and a sake drink — big day out! 

San Diego Zoo - San Diego Zoo - San Diego Zoo - TheFebruaryFox.comAnother thing that is incredible about the San Diego Zoo, there are so many beautiful, private spots to duck away and feed or diaper baby in peace, with gorgeous surroundings to bond with baby alone.

We are on our third year of being members and all of the above still stands as Fox nears 17 months. We’ve taken my family along with when they visited for our baby shower (hiding behind the lion in the header image is a big baby belly!), we spent our last childless Christmas Day eating churros there and, pre-baby, we came up with a list of names for our future children at one of the cafes. Oddly enough, we did not decide on Fox at the zoo but it would have been fitting!

San Diego Zoo - TheFebruaryFox.comIt’s also worth mentioning that a membership to the San Diego Zoo also gives you full access to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido.

The San Diego Zoo also happens to have a great deal of history behind it, as it’s celebrating its centennial celebration this summer. Nighttime Zoo is the place to be on these warm summer nights, and the park will be brimming with special activities, performances and attractions. If you haven’t been, now is your chance to visit during the San Diego Zoo’s 100th birthday party.

What is your favorite animal to see when you visit the zoo? I like the hippos and bears!



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    Love the orangutan posing w your hubs!

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