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Feeling the Buffalove: Re-experiencing Buffalo One Day at a Time

June 6, 2018

This post is sponsored by Tazo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Flying the coop out of my hometown for eight years came with both pros and cons, but one of the major themes that I couldn’t remove from my daily thoughts was my pride in where I’m from: Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo is collectively known as the City of Good Neighbors.

When you drive down the street here, strangers will wave at you. When you flip your turn signal on to change lanes, it’s likely that you’ll immediately be waved into your desired lane. 

The people here are, as a whole, genuinely good.

As proud as I was of where I hailed from, I admit that it was rather difficult to watch the city I left behind grow. New restaurants popped up that I couldn’t eat at, the waterfront was booming and I’d never experienced it — it was pride-inducing but still hard for me to swallow.

Now that I’m home for good, I’m rapidly checking off the places, people, and things I’ve vowed to put some time into.

On the West Coast my husband and I almost never had the opportunity to head out on date days or nights with no family nearby, so it’s been a real treat to get out here and there to decompress and enjoy my husband in a different light.

Today we had the opportunity to tick a few more places off the list on a mini-Buffalo adventure. 

When Tyler and I first started dating we were long-distance between Buffalo and San Diego, but it wasn’t too bad since he was touring in a band that constantly came out East. He would stay at my apartment while I worked but when I got home we had a bit of a routine that we’d like to adhere to: head to Lexington Co-op to fill a bag or two with snacks, then off to Blockbuster to rent a few DVDs, ending with a movie night in.

Lexington Co-op is still one of Tyler’s favorite spots (he could easily spend a solid hour staring at the cheese selection), so we decided to start our day there grabbing items to hold us over while we pounded the pavement in search of all the new Buffalo spots. 

We landed on soup, mac and cheese, a baguette, and Tazo Giant Peach bottled iced tea because it also happens to be National Iced Tea Day on Sunday and I’m stretching out the celebrations!

Fun fact: Iced tea is one of the only drinks I’ll consume. I’m not picky at all when it comes to food, but I generally dislike most liquids. 

I’m specifically a fan of Tazo teas because they aren’t sweet (my problem with the majority of drinks) and they remind me of shopping at the Galleria and lunches with my mom and grandma when we’d all order unsweetened teas with a lemon wedge while resting our tired feet and eating sweet potato fries and club sandwiches at Holiday Showcase restaurant. 

(Psssttt! Get 30% off when you purchase Tazo bottled iced tea between June 6th and June 24th, 2018 through my link: found here.)

After we snagged our goods at the Co-op, we began our walk around Elmwood to check out the art, architecture, and businesses that make this city what it is.

What’s your go-to adventure on a day off?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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