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4 Easy Ways to Update Any Room

June 15, 2019

This post is sponsored by Cottonwood Home. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We’ve somehow managed to turn the Family Room to the Playroom, the Living Room to the Family Room, Fox’s Room to the Nursery, and the Nursery to Fox’s room in 3 weeks flat. It’s been a whirlwind of redecorating in the McElhaney household and I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve as a result.

Here’s a sneak peek of three of the revamped rooms and highlights that may help with your own home!

Bring the Light

Whether you’re trying to create a cozy little nook or add height to a sloped wall, adding a floor lamp to the mix is a simple way to make your space more interesting.

Floor Lamp

Make It Metal

I love mixing up patterns and textures, but the rooms I decorate would be missing something if I didn’t incorporate metals throughout. A simple way to add a splash of silver or gold? Place a metal tray beneath a planter or vase to be sure to turn heads.

Round Tray

Up Your Storage Game

There’s nothing that can bring a room down more than plastic storage bins or unsightly stacked laundry baskets. Wooden milk crates are a fun way to keep the room beautiful for larger items, while planters are an unexpected way to store goods or elevate decor. I used these galvanized planters to store vintage books and supplies on a shelf that was otherwise never in use.

Metal Planters

Add a Theme

When I talked to Fox about what kind of theme he wanted for his room, he couldn’t produce one. He’s never really been so in love with one thing that he wanted to be surrounded by only that. Because our his room would be the first option for a guest room when company visits, I didn’t run for the Paw Patrol gear straight out the gate. Instead, we landed on something I know Fox loves: school! I was sure to fill his room with imagery and items to get his educational gears going. It’s a theme he can grow into so I won’t find myself redecorating when his TV show of choice changes whether that be tomorrow or 3 years from now.


Speaking of themes…

My friends at Cottonwood Home have Interior Bundles available on their website if you’re looking to redo a room in seconds flat. Between Modern Boho and Planetarium, there’s something for every kid on their website, or you can do it piecemeal like me!

They’ve also put together party bundles with everything you need for your next bash. Here’s what we did in our sunroom this past Easter.

For 20% off your next Cottonwood Home order use code “CWHFEBFOX20”!

Which room are you looking to redecorate next?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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