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My First Babies: Peter Cat and Sweet Dee

August 8, 2016

Many thanks to Purina Pro Plan for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to help my cat live the best life possible!

You may remember me telling you that I got my cat Peter in college. He was a skinny little thing with a heart-shaped nose who got so cold in the winter that I had purchased him a tiny puffer vest. He wore it happily and with great pride.

As he grew so did our love. He really knew me. He understood when I was sad or stressed and curled up on my lap to try and make up for it. He clamored at my feet when I’d get back from work or class and each night you could find him fast asleep on my head which was super comfortable for me

The first time I had Tyler over he was on Van’s Warped Tour. It wasn’t the most ideal of circumstances — his singer had went to the hospital the night before after a valiant and not so graceful fall of stage, missing bus call. They stayed at my place that night and I had to hustle them to Scranton, PA (4.5 hrs. away!) to make their set the next day. The whole night Peter cat stayed up and bit Tyler’s toes. He was the only man in my life according to him.

When we moved in together and got engaged, Peter turned into Tyler’s best friend. 

Tyler and PeterSweet Dee, our little diva cat, followed shortly. She was a big bag of fleas (literally) and never grew past mid-kitten size. If I could describe her in one word, it would be vivacious.

With such big personalities, we were *those* people that gave each cat middle names accordingly. Peter wound up with Bonpensiero, a Sopranos reference to the fact that he struts around with a regal badass gait, and Sweet Dee (who already had an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character as her namesake because the personality is SPOT. ON.) obtained Escapade as her middle moniker. She really is always on an escapade.

Now that our special brand of crazy has leaked through, let’s continue…

As soon as we announced we were expanding the family, Peter and Dee knew something was up. Peter changed his sleeping position from my head to my belly, and Dee would find a limb or two of Fox’s and press gently — Fox would push back.

Now that Fox is growing older each day, him and the kitties are inseparable. Peter knows that a soft brush of his tail across Fox’s cheeks will get him giggling and Fox will toss the ball around for Dee to play with. It’s the most adorable thing to watch.

The #1 thing that impresses me about Peter and Dee is how well they gauge a situation. If I touch their bellies they swat at me and gently nip — anywhere other than their heads are off limits; with Fox it’s very different. They both have a very high tolerance around kids (even though their human buddy is mild-mannered around them to begin with) and understand that he may not know better. I’ve always known them to be smart, but this takes the cake. 

Since Peter and Dee have always looked out for my best interests, including the rest of the family, I try and look out for theirs too. You may remember the story of how I came to pick Peter as #MyGreatCat from the animal rescue but, if you don’t, just know that it involves cat puke on my shoes 😐 I’ve always had to watch what he ingests with a sensitive stomach, so this high protein wet cat food from Purina Pro Plan Cat does the trick! The Purina Pro Plan Cat food supports a healthy immune system, backed by over 400 scientists, and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Peter and Sweet Dee Sweet Dee Peter CatIf you’re interested in trying today, here’s a coupon for you!

Do you have a cat of your own? Tell me his/her name in the comments below!


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