Gifts for the Hip Boy

July 8, 2015

Little boys these days aren’t into your typical pastimes. It takes more than grass stains and squirmy worms to impress this new generation of trendsetters.

Take a break from TV time with these five adventurous and brain-stretching items.


This is the Way to the Moon by Miroslav Sasek

$11.89 | Miroslav Sasek | Purchase at Amazon

Miroslav Sasek’s “This is the Way” series is jam-packed with real locations to imagine a trip to  whether it be Ireland, Hong Kong, New York City, or Venice. This is the Way to the Moon is sure to be a hit with a precocious little one (while managing to be a very interesting read for adults too!).


Tin Drum Instrument

$11.99 | Schylling | Purchase at Amazon

This kid already marches to the beat of his own drum! Let his creativity soar while keeping the beat and discovering rhythm. This toy also makes a great accent piece.


Set of 5 Car Crayons

$9.79 | Kikkerland | Purchase at Amazon

Draw out a racetrack on a piece of paper before giving your little one a set of these car crayons for a new twist on coloring.


Magnetic Robots

$19.99 | Janod | Purchase at Magic Beans

Tough little boys and their inevitable roughhousing often leads to broken toys. Get a leg up on your kiddos with these sweet little magnetic robots that break loose (but then come together just as easy) with endless possibilities of color and shape combinations.


Tree House Bed Tent

$45.97 | Pacific Play Tents | Purchase at Amazon

How many times have you found all of your pillows and linens pulled out of the closet and turned into a haphazardly-placed tent? Save your kids some time and yourself some patience with this easy to put together bed tent. This fits on the top of a twin-sized bed (and can also be placed on the floor) for maximum “kids only!” time.

*Please note: Prices are accurate at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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