Gifts on a Budget: Put a Ring on It!

July 14, 2015

Little girls, teenagers, and women of all ages love to be decorated in jewels. But sometimes jewelry is so expensive which makes it harder to gift.


One of my favorite things to do for my girly friends is to assemble a ring display with some inexpensive ring options to add to their collection – especially little ones just starting to show interest in jewelry, brides-to-be that need a place to store their fancy new ring, and teenagers.

Start with the Case


Here’s my case that I purchased two years ago and is still going strong:


Depending on what size you get, these cases run between $13-22 on Amazon. You can find them here.

Filling Up the Case

I’m loving these rings from Forever 21 to fill up some of the slots which run between $1.99-5 per ring/set:

This is one of those gifts that you can tell the giver put a lot of thought into, especially if the rings are chosen carefully.

Keep in mind that if the person your buying for is more into necklaces or bracelets, you have options too! Just click behind the links to see more.

XO, Sarabeth

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