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How to Care for Baby’s Skin This Summer

July 19, 2019

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When my first son, Fox, was a baby it was painfully obvious that he had sensitive skin.

From the day he was born we battled with redness and dry, flaky skin, but as soon as he began taking baths it grew exponentially worse.

His pediatrician recommended bathing him less (a.k.a. only when he was stinky or dirty) but elongating the time between baths became less of an option with summertime romps in the grass, sand, or sprinkler.

We knew skipping baths wasn’t an option, so we dug deeper into what we could do to help nourish his skin during and after bath time.

Do you know what the skin microbiome is?

The microbiome is the living, outermost layer of skin that touches all of the seasonal elements plus nasty stuff like germs, UV, pollution, and sometimes products. Its purpose is to protect babies’ skin. Because of these important functions, it’s necessary to use products that help support a healthy skin microbiome.

Instead of decreasing the number of baths, we switched over to Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion.

Fox still uses these products to this day to clean up and moisturize after using products like sunscreen or bug spray — and now his little brother uses Baby Dove Rich Moisture products as well! It’s more important than ever with dips in the chlorine-filled swimming pool that he get the moisture he needs.

Here’s Why:

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash is truly an all-in-one product. Lather up hair, skin, and in between all the sweet little baby folds with the ease of a simple pump and one hand. It’s so nice to only need to have a single product handy when I’m solo giving Charlie a bath in the sink. I love that this Tip to Toe Wash isn’t just mild, but it actually replenishes essential moisture and nutrients in my baby’s skin that gets lost through bathing. It’s not heavy on the fragrance (but still smells great!) and washes away nice and easy so baby doesn’t get upset during a scrub down.

After bath time, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion locks it all in. We apply the lotion all over, but focus specifically on both boys’ arms and legs where they seem to get the most dry. The Rich Moisture Lotion works to gently maintain skin’s moisture all day – not just when you apply. As an added bonus to all the skin-benefits Baby Dove products bring to the table, the lotion also creates a soothing moment to rub Charlie’s feet while he finally relaxes and falls asleep. When Charlie was first born he had issues with his belly and there were few things that would calm him, so this was a very nice reprieve.

What’s the reason why Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion are so effective? Because they are made with a prebiotic moisturizer and 100% skin-natural nutrients!

Instead of masking the problem, these Baby Dove Rich Moisture products support baby skin’s natural health.

They actually work to maintain the skin’s natural pH with a tear-free formula that’s been tested by ophthalmologists. I know I can trust Baby Dove products because they are tested by dermatologists and pediatricians, they’re hypoallergenic, and created without dyes, parabens, phthalates or sulfates. 

How will you care for your baby’s skin this summer?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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