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Kitty with a Heart-Shaped Nose

March 16, 2016

Sophomore year of college meant one thing to me: moving off campus into my own apartment. The school had rules against freshmen living off campus, but come year two and I was free as a bird. I made plans to move in with a girl I knew through friends and learned that she would be going home to Long Island over break, so I’d be living in the house alone for the first month or so. Being alone in my apartment scared me and I knew I needed a friend to keep me company, so I went to the SPCA in search of a kitten to adopt. 

My mission entailed finding a newborn little girl (up until this point I had only had female cats) and bringing her home that day. When I walked in I played with the tiniest little furballs, but before I made a decision I checked out one more kennel. There I saw a skinny little male cat, 8 months old, with a tag that read “Peter.” 

Peter had a black heart-shaped nose and golden crossed eyes. He looked at me, meowed, and promptly threw up at my feet. I knew I had to bring this kitty home.

From that point, everything began to work against us. The in-house vet let me know they’d have to keep him for observation and that he could not be “put aside” for me, even if I paid on the spot. They told me to go home and they’d call me when they had more info; from there, it was up to fate to decide if I would get there in time to adopt him. 

It was late by that point and the roads were icy – in fact, there was a travel ban being put into place while I was on the drive home. To add insult to injury, it was moving day at the dorms and I had to have everything I owned out within the next three hours. I rushed back to the dorm, filled up my little Dodge Neon and dropped one of two loads off at my new place. Just as I was leaving the SPCA called. Peter was just fine and I could come get him if I was still interested. (Of course I was!)

I made the decision to brave the weather and pick him up. We have been inseparable every since. 

Peter has moved with me from New York to Ohio to New York to California. He’s acquired three (!!!) furry siblings and one human one. And through it all I feel like he’s always put me first.

If you’re wondering about his little episode at the SPCA, it was the food he was given that upset his stomach. Since then I’ve had to be careful about what I feed #MyGreatCat. We recently tried out Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend (these photos are from Peter’s first time giving it a whirl) and he really took to the taste during mealtime. The #1 ingredient is chicken – it’s made with 40% protein – and consists of both crunchy and tender pieces. This blend also contains vitamin A and linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat and natural prebiotic fiber for digestive health. The new food was a hit!

Peter - TheFebruaryFox.comPeter - I think he liked it!Peter - TheFebruaryFox.comI want to hear about your pets! Do you have any cats? Let me know in the comments below!


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