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Just Like Mommy – Juice with Coconut Water!

October 3, 2017

Thanks to Welch's for sponsoring today's post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Fox is on a “just like Mommy” kick. 

My little shadow is constantly mimicking me and I’m taking full advantage by trying to get him on board with new habits.

He loves to do puzzles like me, uses his play broom to sweep when I’m sweeping, and he even knows how I like my coffee (iced or hot and black).

There are few days were he isn’t trailing me and wanting to get in on the fun.

A few days ago I received a package from Welch’s with their brand new 100% fruit juices that contain coconut water and he stalked me until he got a glass for himself.

He kept requesting “purple” and that’s what he got 😉

The purple drink he was asking for is better known as Tropical Berry Grape, and even after a quick taste test with my favorite flavor (White Grape Mango), he still liked his original choice the best.

This great tasting juice is perfect for us, since we’re constantly watering down his drinks to lower sugar content and now we don’t have to! There is naturally 30% less sugar in these new juices with no added sweetener, sugar, or artificial flavors. Plus, there’s two servings of fruit in every refreshing 8oz glass!

There’s even a “mommy” version that I’ve been utilizing, where I freeze the juice into ice cubes and pop them into a glass of champagne for a slow-release type of mimosa.


I’m also fond of this drink being 100 calories per serving.

You can find these yummy coconut water-infused juices in beverage aisles everywhere, although I found mine right on the shelf at Walmart.

What flavor do you want to try first?

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