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Bedroom Accent Wall

September 25, 2016

My family was a big fan of wallpaper when I was growing up. Each house we moved into usually meant hours of sanding, soaking, and peeling old paper that former owners had put up only to replace it with new. I often helped and I’ll admit — I hated it! I’ve put in my share of elbow grease doing things like standing on a roof blowing leaves out of the gutter, priming garage siding, and cutting my grandparents’ lawn on a riding mower, but nothing was as labor intensive as wallpapering. 

I’ll never forget the day I hurried through the kitchen in middle school only to slip on a makeshift garbage bag tarp, skidding across sandpaper and taking a couple layers of skin off. I’m pretty sure that was the moment I knew that wallpaper would never make an appearance in my home as an adult.

There’s one alternative that made me change my mind: peel and stick wallpaper. No sanding, no paste, no horrible removal if you wind up hating it. Just a cool bedroom accent wall!

I got this paper from Wallpops. Their new line called NuWallpaper goes up in minutes and comes down in seconds! This is actually our only option because painting is not allowed in our apartment complex. I liked this particular motif because it reminds me of those adult coloring books which have somehow had a Pavlov’s dogs effect on me with stress reduction 😉 It also makes it feel like more of a permanent home rather than a rental.City Wallpaper City WallpaperCity Wallpaper City WallpaperI’m adding this photo in hopes that I can illustrate just how much this wallpaper brightened the room. Even though the wall began as white, I really feel like the wallpaper to the left looks more vibrant!

We isolated the paper to one wall in our bedroom as an accent, although we are seriously considering adding this paper to the wall opposite as well. From start to finish the project took 25 minutes to put up 4 sections of paper.

Next up? Fox’s room! We’re dying to bring a little bit of color or pattern into his bland room.

Check out NuWallpaper here and let me know in the comments which you would pick for your own home!

Oh, and don’t forget your Installation Kit! It was a total lifesaver in putting the paper up.


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