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Living the Sweet Life: Making Memories at the Park

August 3, 2019

This post is sponsored by Summer. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The other day I rounded up the family and set off for the park down the street. 

This isn’t your ordinary park. Well, maybe it is but not to me.

It’s the same park I’d catch a ride to on bicycle pegs with the wind in my hair. The park I camped out on the baseball field in the middle of the night to watch a once-in-a-lifetime meteor shower. It’s also where I trudged in knee-deep snow capturing pictures on my film camera that ultimately earned me an A+ in photography class.

These memories are still vivid and make up important parts of my childhood — events and feelings I’d like for my children to have for themselves.

With my husband, Tyler, trailing Fox on his bike and Charlie strapped to my chest, we headed over to soak up the sun and enjoy family time.

Fox and Charlie are four years apart, so it’s not always easy to find things for them to enjoy simultaneously. Fox darted for the slide and monkey bars, but Charlie isn’t old enough to participate. 

Still, I didn’t want him cooped up and wrapped to me in the heat.

Tyler carried Charlie’s Summer Pop ‘N Sit SE Recline Lounger in its carry bag. This little lounger has a pop and fold design — it’s basically like a lawn chair for small infants and toddlers! As soon as Charlie hit four months we started putting him in it with the infant insert for additional support. He really enjoys the independence of not being held by mom or dad, especially in the comfy recline position.

When Charlie gets a bit older the infant insert can be removed and the lounger can be used as a floor activity seat or attached to an adult chair as a booster. 

For now, we keep this chair in the trunk of our car for surprise situations where we might need an extra hand. This came in handy last week when Charlie visited his great grandma after his doctor’s appointment at her house where there’s no baby gear.

Another feature we love: the removable tray! 

Charlie has officially began eating baby food so instead of getting his meal all over us, he can sit separately eating over a washable surface.

Charlie absolutely loved watching Fox run and play, but his favorite moments were when his big brother ran over to check on him and see if he was doing okay. 

I’m in awe of their precious bond.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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