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Men’s Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff They Really Want

November 28, 2018

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The women in my life fly off my shopping list like the speed of sound when it comes time to holiday shop. The men are usually left over, leaving me scrambling to figure out what they’d like to see under the tree. 

With men, there are so many gifts that lack creativity and fall into the “basic” or “practical” categories — either that or they’re pricey, which works for a few gifts, but not the full boat. I mean, my husband would love an enormous TV upgrade, or the latest movie-quality drone, but sorry honey, it’s not in the budget this year!

I asked him to tell me a few of his favorite gifts he’s ever received to get a man’s perspective on holiday gifting.

Here are his top five and why they made the list.

Crosley Record Player

We’ve owned a couple of these compact Crosley record players over the years and they are workhorses. Super affordable, hundreds of styles and colors, and all the I/O you need. Hit up a local thrift store and build a record collection for a surprisingly small amount of money.

Nixon Timepiece

The day Sarabeth and I were married, she gifted me a silver/white faced version of this watch, and to this day there is not a single item that I’ve owned that has garnered more compliments. I always wanted a gold option, and this version does not disappoint.

Sideclick Remote for Amazon Fire Stick

I was shocked to receive the Sideclick, as it was a device that Sarabeth caught wind before I had, and it has been revolutionary in our home entertainment experience. One remote that controls them all!

Funko POP! Collectible

Over the last decade, I slowly acquired Funko POP! figurines for characters that I loved. Now Sarabeth knows to keep an eye out for new releases or clearance figures to add to my collection. Most recently, David S. Pumpkins joined the team alongside Philip Rivers, Deadpool, and a handful of Star Wars characters.


I have a tendency to not shop for myself throughout the year, so I depend on Sarabeth to save me from my own tendencies, especially when it comes to style. The SprezzaBox is a perfect all-in-one pick me up to freshen my look without the hassle of shopping around or guessing on what styles are currently trending.

Did you find anything to help you complete your shopping this year?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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