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My Current Easy Go-To Lunch: Coconut Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap

March 30, 2017

I hit a pretty big milestone over here: I am officially 10 lbs. down! 

I posted this snap of my lunch in an Instagram Story recently and got a ton of questions. I want to share this insanely delicious recipe I’ve been “indulging” in every day for lunch that fills me up and doesn’t taste like diet cardboard (not even a bit!).

These are so handy for me to make in a pinch because Tyler cooks up all the chicken beforehand and we store in the fridge. I just like the way his comes out better than mine 😉


1 Nuco Turmeric Coconut Wrap
1/3 of one chicken breast (I season mine with salt, pepper, and lemon), sliced
2 Tbsp avocado
2 Tbsp Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala sauce


  1. Cook chicken with desired seasonings.
  2. Put 1 Tbsp Tikka Masala sauce spread across wrap.
  3. Add sliced chicken, avocado, and cilantro.
  4. Top with 1 Tbsp Tikka Masala sauce, roll up, and eat.

It’s seriously that easy.

I get the wraps and Tikka Masala sauce from Thrive Market online, although they may be substituted (although I can’t speak for the health values on any of those). The wraps are also available on Amazon for a few dollars more. 

These wraps are an incredible alternative to bread or tortillas — the only ingredients are coconut, coconut oil, and turmeric!

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