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My New Style Mantra: Keep Your Closet Simple

September 3, 2017

I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life where I realize that having a small (comparatively, because let’s be real here), intentional wardrobe is a better fit for me than having mounds of clothing around that I’ll never wear.

This has helped me slip on an outfit and walk out the door without second guessing myself, saving hours of hassle. 

The first thing I did was choose a color palette.

I have olive tones to my skin and generally stick to fall colors or neutrals year-round. Olives, mustards, rusts, and browns fill my closet and make it easy to mix and match.

Now figure out if you’re into patterns or not.

After 30 years, I finally realized I don’t really like most patterns on clothing. I’m usually down for a good floral or I adore stripes, but aside from that, I’d rather wear a solid hue.

Pick versatile pieces that can be worn for work or play.

I love easy pieces that can be worn with heels for a night out or dressed down with booties for a trip to the farmer’s market. There are very few pieces in my closet that only work for one occasion. This dress I’m wearing is from PinkBlush and I can’t explain how easy it is to wear. I have a similar version in a maxi style, so when I saw this mustard version I scooped it up right away. It’s literally one movement to slip on, just add shoes.

Try On Clothes Before Buying Them

Just do it.

Finally, figure out if you actually like it.

Take a step back. Do you actually love the item or just the way it fits? This sounds silly, but I realized that so many items I’ve purchased I would slip on and think “it works!” because the way it hugged my body was just right, but just because something is flattering on me doesn’t mean I love the actual item enough to add to my closet!

PinkBlush is having a huge Labor Day sale today — 30% off sitewide! Check it out here.


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