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Off-the-Shoulder Summer

July 20, 2017

It’s been so hot out that I’ve mostly had tank tops and shorts on repeat over here, but I’ve been craving a bit of variety in my everyday looks.

Enter off-the-shoulder tops to save the day!

This one from PinkBlush is perfect for to beat the heat with vented sleeves, it has a bit of a romantic twist with the little dots throughout the fabric, but I like pairing with edgier items to mix it up a bit. 

Fox is in the sweetest stage right now giving his Mama all the kisses, and I’ll take what I can get while he still wants to cuddle! He’s also always covered in sidewalk chalk and isn’t keeping clothes on these days.

There are a couple specific pieces from PinkBlush that I’m eyeballing as the next additions to my wardrobe. I want a hi-low T-shirt dress and anything with pom-poms! 

Click here to view the off-the-shoulder I’m wearing in these photos. 

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