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Pro Tip: Making Gift Giving Easier for Next Year

January 5, 2017

This post is NOT sponsored by Amazon. I’m just a little obsessed with their lists, okay?

No matter how much you love the holiday season, it’s probably fair for me to assume you’re so very over gift buying. It could be the cost or maybe because 20+ years of buying for the same people makes it hard to come up with new ideas, but I’m going to give you an idea to make gift giving easier for years to come, because it should be fun to buy and not just give.

Amazon wish lists.

These little wish lists are incredible for storing gift ideas throughout the year. You have the option to create a list for individuals or more general folders like “Gifts for People You Barely Know” or “Stocking Stuffers.” When your best friend tells you how obsessed she is with adult coloring books or ’80s vinyl records, add them to the list! Trust, these come in handy in a pinch — especially with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping.

Here’s how to make a list:

  1. Head over to Amazon.com and use the pulldown menu to located the “Create a List” option. 
  2. Create a list name and make it private. You don’t want your recipients to sniff out their future awesome gifts!
  3. Start adding items by using the Wish List bookmark button. Learn how to do that here.

Another plus? You aren’t limited to adding Amazon-specific items, you can add anything from any website on the WWW.

For instance, my husband is a very talented designer, so I made a folder for his interests. Take a peek.

The first three items on this list range in different price categories (I’ve actually purchased the last two for him in the past) and, if you haven’t noticed already, Amazon lets me know when there’s a decrease in price! The Pixel Pad is down 24%, making this a really great stocking stuffer.

P.S. If you’re looking to give back throughout the year, make sure you check out AmazonSmile, a program where Amazon donates a portion of your purchase towards a charity of your choosing. 

My charity of choice is the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego. Happy giving in 2017!

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