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Simple Refurbished Spring Table

April 3, 2018

Today’s an exciting day because I’m finally dipping my toe in the home decor pool!

Homes in Buffalo all seem to have fabulous bones — the character and charm found inside their walls make decorating a breeze.

Before we moved in my grandma offered us her old dining table. Now as I’ve mentioned before, we actually didn’t have a kitchen and/or dining room table in our old house, so we jumped at the opportunity to finally have space for one. The only hitch was that it had a bit of cosmetic damage to the wood and also needed to be reupholstered. 

My mom took a reupholstery class when I was younger so I called her up and asked for her to help me out after I bought my new favorite fabric online through Joann (currently 40% off!). 

First, let me give you a look at the table pre-fixing up.

The bench was a recent Walmart purchase that I just had to get for $55 — it matched the style of the table perfectly and allowed the room to be wide open rather than closed off with chair backs blocking the view. 

Here we have the new fabric and we’re ready to rock and roll! 

Off goes the old fabric!

True story: my mom got about 3/4 of the way through staple-gunning as I stretch the fabric on the seats when she had to stop. Only then had she told me how difficult it was to get the staple gun to work. I tried to do it and couldn’t. She’s a beast with the crafting tools!

All 6 chair seats — done.

I brought one outside to put it on the chairs. The goal was to paint the entire table, bench, and chairs white.

You guys, I hated it. I had loved the fabric with the gorgeous wood before, but it was so damaged that I decided to paint rather than strip and stain.

Why? Because I was hosting Easter brunch at my house on this table and I had less than 48 hours to accomplish this task!

Always the overachiever, right?

I texted Tyler right away and requested he make a stop at Home Depot to pick up a gallon of Behr Marquee Creamy Spinach paint. This choice was completely out of my comfort zone. I hate the color green and this shade did not match anything in the dining or living rooms. It was a pure wildcard that I was hoping would pay off as a small pop of color in an otherwise neutral home.

He humored me and not only got the paint, but did the painting. 

This time around I requested the table top and all chairs to be green with the table legs and bench to be white.

You can see the major difference already!

I know that the fabric doesn’t conventionally match the paint color, but I felt it was important to be a little adventurous. The fabric goes well with our hardwood floors and the green gives a liveness to the room that was much needed.

Without further ado, the Before + After.

Here’s everything in Easter action.

 Fox was in his glory showing family his new table and proudly shouted, “Wook it!” He even wore his Easter suit.

Have you ever heard of a butter lamb? Well Fox hadn’t and thought it appropriate to rip its head off and put it on his plate to eat.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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So, what’s the verdict? More interior decor posts or nah?

Sarabeth, The February Fox


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